Visual Arts

Program of Studies

Kindergarten through sixth grade students receives art instruction for 45minute weekly classes. Unique to our primary K3 schools, art teachers have time built into their schedules to offer Integrated Arts classes to students. Integrated Arts classes are designed for classroom, music, or physical education teachers to collaborate with art teachers on interdisciplinary projects where curriculum goals are met from each subject area. Integrated Arts classes help students see connections in their learning through developing handson, projectbased work. Special projects of large scope are often created during these classes. (i.e. Clay murals, puppet making, scenery building) By bringing people and ideas together, classes like these help develop a collaborative culture among faculty and students where learning is shared, vibrant, and comes in different forms.


In the 7/8 programs, Art is offered every day for ten consecutive weeks before students move to another Unified Arts class. At Marblehead Veterans Middle School, Unified Arts teachers are attached to teams with classroom teachers. This teaming creates more opportunities for communication between teachers, thus resulting in more interdisciplinary curriculum development.

High School

The comprehensive fine and practical arts program provides students opportunities to continue their studies in art, technical drawing, video technology, woodworking, and automotives. As part of graduation requirements, students are required to take 10 credits or 2 years from the fine and practical arts. Courses are offered for both the curious and motivated students.

  •     Art Experience
  •     Art History
  •     Introduction to 3D
  •     Book Binding
  •     Introduction to Traditional and Digital: Photography I
  •     Introduction to Graphic Design
  •     Studio Production (TV)
  •     Field Production & Editing
  •     Introduction to Technical Drawing
  •     Architecture
  •     Illustrating, Cartooning, and Animation
  •     Introduction to Woodworking
  •     Art Studio 1, 2, 3, 4
  •     Art Major
  •     Intermediate: Photography 2 and Advanced: Photography 3
  •     MHS Monitor & Advanced TV
  •     Advanced Mechanical Drawing
  •     PreEngineering and Nautical Engineering
  •     Woodworking 2 & Advanced Woodworking

Detailed descriptions of course offerings can be found in the Course of Studies or a
hard copy can be found in the Guidance Office.


Art Major Program

Historically, one fourth of each senior class participates in the honors art major program. Art major students are committed to working many hours in and outside of class to complete the program and to build a portfolio. Many of these students end up receiving college scholarships to prestigious arts schools because their portfolios exhibit such high levels of accomplishment. Not all art major students decide to major in art in college but their commitment to the program during high school has in art in college but their commitment to the program during high school has significant personal and collegial benefits. A number of the most selective colleges and universities recognize the importance of a wellrounded student. Participating in the arts, and having a strong portfolio, is a great way to demonstrate one’s ability as a high achiever who has a variety of interests and accomplishments.

Boston Globe Scholastic Arts Awards

Annually, students participate in the Boston Globe Scholastic Arts Awards where Marblehead students have been recognized with gold, silver, and honorable mentioned awards. Marblehead High School has also had the distinct honor of having students receive the highest state and national awards.

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