Academic Skills Program

The Bell, Village, Veterans, and High School, Grades 1 through 12

The Academic Skills Program is a full day special education program for students in grade one through grade twelve who have primarily been diagnosed with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability, Communication Disability or Neurological Disability as measured by formal evaluations. These students struggle to keep up with the demands of the general education curriculum. Reading, language arts, math and social studies are taught within a small group setting where the pace and presentation of the materials is modified. Students in this program do not generally have a history of any primary emotional or behavioral problems.

Program Components

High staff to student ratio
Individual and small group instruction
Systematic delivery of instruction that promotes generalization and application of mastered skills
Incorporation of language based methodologies
Emphasis on skill development that focuses on learning within the least restrictive environment
Social skills group opportunities with carryover and generalization skills targeted across all school environments
Assistive technology consultant to provide support with the implementation of instructional tools, software products to enhance learning

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