2016-2017 Gymnastics

Head Coach: Nick Roberts
Home Site: Lynch Van Otterloo YMCA - Marblehead
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2016-2017 Schedule/Results

Saturday 14-Jan Gymnastics Varsity Away Glou/Danvers 5:00pm L 127.85-124.4
Sunday 15-Jan Gymnastics Varsity Away Masco 3:30pm L 132.02-122.1
Sunday 22-Jan Gymnastics Varsity Away Beverly 4:00pm L 137.5-120.8
Tuesday 24-Jan Gymnastics Varsity Home Salem 7:00pm W 121.85-101.6
Thursday 2-Feb Gymnastics Varsity Home Gloucester 7:30pm MHD PPD to TBA
Saturday 4-Feb Gymnastics Varsity Away Peabody 2:30pm W 123.9-118.65
Monday 6-Feb Gymnastics Varsity Home Essex Tech 7:30pm MHD YMCA
Thursday 9-Feb Gymnastics Varsity Away NEC/CAL Meet 6:30pm Sterling YMCA Beverly PPD to TBD
Saturday 11-Feb Gymnastics Varsity Away Winthrop 5:00pm Winthrop


2016-2017 Roster
Albert Molly 11
Bunnell Ashley 12
Caulfield Sarah 11
DaRocha Emma 10
Ehrenberg Kate 10
Faria Abby 12
Jordan Sarah 12
Juhnke Theresa 10
O'Grady Caitlin 10
O'Keefe Katelyn 11
Pettinelli Kirsten 11
Picariello Kathryn 12
Rivera Rebecca 12
Scribner Heather 9
Thompson Sarah 9
Uhrich Summer 9
Vania Isabella 9


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