Preparation of the annual school budget endures as one of the most important yearly duties undertaken by the School Committee and Administration. The budget process, commencing with needs assessment and identification of district goals, is the opportunity for the district to communicate and ask for support for its priorities, educational programs and operational needs. Our guiding vision continues to be academic achievement and the intent that all students fulfill their greatest potential academically and emotionally.

The budget developmental process begins with the Superintendent’s Preliminary Budget Goals presented to the School Committee and continues with a series of public discussions vetting new priorities and initiatives, as well as the continuation and level services projections of existing operational expenditures. Internal requests from Principals and Department Heads are funneled through the Business Management Team and Superintendent, and discussions with the Town Finance Office are held verifying contractual increase requests and corresponding supporting data. These collaborations are compiled into a final Superintendent’s proposed budget and is presented to School Committee for approval as well as posted publicly on the Schools' website and presented to the Town Finance Committee and ultimately Town Meeting.

During this process we also continue to collaboratively review centralizing relevant funding to the district level expenses such as 504, testing and assessment and curriculum/instructional online service annual subscription contract expenditures. This centralization for specific expenses provides us with the ability to not only track these funds in detail but to also report certain expenditures on state mandated reports in a more detailed manner which can successfully affect grant funding.

FY17 Budget Assumptions and Cost Drivers

The annual School Committee and Superintendent’s School Budget seeks to reflect the priorities identified in the district’s defined mission, vision and goals, with the assumption of concurrently providing sufficient resources to ensure compliance of all federal, state and locally mandated educational programs and requirements.

Marblehead Public Schools Mission Statement
Our Mission is to foster in our students a passion for learning, and to provide a safe nurturing environment in which they can develop the values, knowledge and skills needed to achieve full potential in their personal, social and work lives, and to become contributing members of society.

Marblehead Public Schools Vision Statement
A model school district, exemplary in its student engagement and academic excellence, where all students meet their highest potential with the support of outstanding instructional leadership and in partnership with the community.

Aligning with this mission and vision, our primary budgetary goals are to provide students with the highest quality administrative and instructional staff, curriculum and assessment tools, and an environment conducive to the potential of greatest student achievement. The budget process drives the funding priorities to these goals with student outcomes always at the forefront of planning.


The FY17 budget encompasses three major themes and success indicators:

1. Budget sustainability – Continue to work with School Committee, Finance Committee and Town Finance providing evidence of prolonged history of salary deficit, increase in fixed costs and increasing pressure in closing the gaps of the School Operating budget with peripheral funds.
a. Work collaboratively with Town finance boards and departments to identify solutions of budget efficiency – utilize capital funding associated with Town building article and energy reserve funding to its maximum potential.
b. Provide accurate salary projections inclusive of step and lane cost increases and projections and reasonable figures to support.
 2. Curriculum Alignment – Continued curriculum alignment work to provide students with the highest quality instructional experience.
a. Provide quality professional development experiences to instructional staff aligning with completed and ongoing curriculum work
b. Continue efforts to provide students with exceptional vertical alignment of curriculum in grade progression, as well as uniform and balanced scope, sequence, unit study and assessment practices of subjects across like grade levels and classrooms
c. Continued work toward updated curriculum-associated textbook inventory and renewal schedule as funding allows.
3. Secure and appropriate funding for special populations and updated mandates/compliance.
a. ELL – enrollment/staff ratio DESE guidelines
b. Kindergarten staffing – request funding to offset state K grant cut
c. Special Education projected outplacements
The School Administration looks forward to working closely with School Committee, Finance Committee, Marblehead residents and community and Town officials during this budget process. Discussions, questions, and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you for your continued interest, support and input as we continue to finalize and vet our district-wide FY17 School budget to present to Town Meeting.



Maryann Perry

Superintendent of Schools

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